Introductory Letter

Hello everyone. I’ve decided it’s time to begin sending out ministry updates. As you all probably know, I am actively planning on going back to Spain as a missionary, and while I may not be there full-time for a few years still, I do see myself in the preliminary stages of missionary work.

So, I think it would be helpful to begin an organized method of letting people know my steps and plans as I head into ministry. I’ve worked for a while trying to figure out the best way to get a mailing list together, and I think everything is now set up. I have started a website ( where I will publish updates that people can follow via email.

I’m not beginning with a regular schedule for sending updates. At the moment, I will probably only send out letters every couple of months. I guess it will all depend which stage of ministry I’m in at the moment.

My greatest desire in sending updates is that these will help you keep me in your prayers. I need every minute of prayer any of you can offer. Without God’s grace as the direct result of prayer, I might as well give up immediately. So, just like Paul begged the Thessalonians, “Brethren, pray for us, that the Word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified.”

100_1885I am currently serving as intern at Front Range Baptist Church in Fort Collins, CO. I am grateful for the valuable experience I am gaining from working under Pastor Jeff Redlin and his pastoral staff.

I have been here since September of last year, and will finish my time here this May.

While here, I’ve been able to serve in a variety of ministries, including youth work, visitation, teaching, and music. It has been a stretching time, one that the Lord has used to keep changing me into His own image.

Again, I ask for your prayers. God bless,

David Bonikowsky
Ps. 34:3