Magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.

Welcome to our website! Raquel and I (David) are a young couple serving in the Basque Region of Spain. We’re church planting missionaries pastoring a small church in the city of Rentería, on the outskirts of San Sebastian.

I was born as part of a missionary family in Spain. My family has been in Spain since the 1960s. Both my parents, Andy and Mimi Bonikowsky, were also raised in Spain as missionaries. Andy’s parents, Al and Helga Bonikowsky, served in the Basque region until they retired in 2014, while my maternal grandparents, Flay and Margaret Allen, started Iglesia Bautista Emanuel in Elche.

Raquel’s parents are first-generation Christians who were saved in the Canary Islands. Raquel’s father Jose Antonio Rodriguez is now the pastor of an independent Baptist church in the city of Gandía. My wife was raised in a family where all 5 children were continually involved in church ministry. As was the case with myself, her parents raised her to be a servant no matter where she was.

We are here mostly through missionary support, but we also work part time in order to make ends meet. I teach English at an academy and Raquel, who’s a pharmacist, occasionally works at a local pharmacy. We’re very grateful for the work God has provided, but we’re praying for increased financial support in order to lighten our work load here to invest more in the church ministry.

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If you would like to support our ministry in Spain financially, you can learn more about doing so here. You can also find my doctrinal statement here.