Some ministry at Front Range BC

Thank you as always for your prayers. I’m reminded over and over how much I need the Lord’s help, fueled by the prayer of friends. This past month has been another busy and varied one for me at Front Range BC here in Colorado.

I’ve recently been involved in building up the ministry to the children here at church. One of the ways I’ve been involved has been teaching a weekly missionary story to the children. So every Sunday morning I go to Children’s Church to tell a story from the mission field. It’s been a fun time, and one that I really enjoy each week.

I love ministry through music. I’ve been a part of the choir since coming to Front Range, and recently I’ve been involved with more and more special music opportunities. Last month I organized a men’s quartet where we sang Keep on the Firing Line. Our group really enjoyed singing it, and we’re hoping to get another quartet or two in before I leave for Spain. Here’s a video of us in the service. (link)

Keep on the Firing Line

imagejpeg_2This past week I also prepared a guitar offertory. So I played Send the Light in church on Sunday. Since coming here, I’ve also been playing guitar in the youth group for all the teen services, and I’m working on helping a couple young men keep that up after I leave. There’s some guys with plenty more talent than me, and I love seeing them start using it for church.

IMG_1243On a lighter note, the youth group recently had a ski trip. Of course, I was glad to along with them and help out… :)
Thankfully there were no serious injuries, and I think everyone had a great time.

These days I’m doing quite a bit of calling and emailing as I look into future graduate study plans. Please pray with me for the Lord’s guidance. The opportunity might be opening up for me to take online courses while in Spain, and that’s something I’d be very interested in pursuing. Right now I’m simply looking for which direction the Lord wants me to take. God bless,

David Bonikowsky
Ps. 34:3

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  1. Excellent letter, in content and design!

  2. Marci Corwine says:

    David– I was thrilled you posted a link with the quartet. That particular Sunday I was in Children’s Church & missed it. Steve raved about what a blessing it was so I was disappointed to have missed it! It was very good and a great encouragement to many. Praise the Lord!

    • David says:

      I’m glad you liked it Mrs. Corwine. It was definitely a fun song to sing. We tried to get another quartet ready before I left but there wasn’t any way to do it.

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