Greetings from Spain!

Hello to my dear friends. I can’t describe how grateful I am for your prayers and support. Thanks to these I am writing you from Spain. I am now here as a missionary through World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions. The Lord gave me a safe and uneventful trip, and I arrived in Irún this Saturday. Today I was registered as a resident of the city, and Thursday I go to the capital, San Sebastian, to get my Spanish residency card.

IMG_0039A Welcoming View

It was a blessing to welcomed back at the church here. The Lord has brought new people to the church since I was here last. Sunday was a great day of fellowship. Everyone was characteristically very friendly, and I had the chance to meet several new young singles from Columbia. I’m very excited about the group I’ll be working with. There are now quite a few young adults attending, and I want to invest good time in them.

IMG_0058Iglesia Bautista Bíblica de Irún

I have just a few prayer requests to leave you with. (1) Please pray for a friend I made who is from Bulgaria. He knows very little Spanish, but we were able to talk because he can defend himself in English. I met him here last summer. He visited the church once, but he left to go back to Bulgaria soon afterwards. I chatted with him on Skype the other day, and he plans to be back here for a short while. Pray that I’ll have the chance to meet with him and expose him to the power of the GDSC03118ospel.
(2) In the meantime, at Aierdi we are preparing for the arrival of two mission teams coming simultaneously to work for a week. Lord willing, they will be here on Monday. I will be helping work at the farmhouse while they are here. So please pray for safety and a good week.
(3) Also, please pray for me as I begin my Master’s degree next month. I trust it will be a worthwhile investment of time and money.

Thank you for your prayers. Let’s magnify the Lord together!
Ps. 34:3

Great news

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thought.” Isa. 55:9

In August 2011 I left Spain to apply for a visa in the US. The visa would allow me to take up residence in Spain as a missionary. My plan was to stay in the US for the five months or so it would take for paperwork to go through, and my goal was to be back in Spain by that December. Now I’m in August 2012, and despite my strongest efforts I am still the States after a year. During this year the Lord has taught me much about trusting His timing. James 1:4-6 has become probably the most important passage in my life.

But, in His wisdom, God seems to be ready for me to return to Spain. This month I received a call from the Spanish embassy telling me that my visa has arrived. Lord willing, I drive to Miami next week with my brother Danny to pick it up. After that, I hope to fly back to Spain as soon as possible. I want to leave as soon as the flight season slows down.

Once I arrive in Spain, my goal is to immediately be involved in the ministry of the church in Irun. I hope to help lighten responsibilities for my grandfather Al Bonikowsky by preaching on Sundays & leading the youth group, etc. Please pray that God would continue to strengthen my own character as I move into greater responsibility.

Stateside, this month has been especially exciting. I spent a week counseling teens at Camp Challenge in Alaska. It was a thrill to be closely involved in young people’s lives once again, if only for a short time. And it was refreshing to see the Lord make real changes in young people’s lives. Please pray for one of the young men there. I had the opportunity to spend some good time talking with him, and I’m praying for God to work miracles in his life. The Lord gave me many new friendships in Alaska. I’m especially grateful to Brian and Josslyn Graham for their hospitality while I was there.

Camp Challenge

a great group of guys…

I’ve been able to enjoy spending much more time with my family, now that they are on furlough. We have had some awesome times with the whole family together once again, and I am so grateful for that. God has blessed me with a family that seems closer to perfect than any I’ve ever known.

20120729Also featured: Ethan Johnk, my sister’s fiancée

I have two specific prayer requests for which I’d greatly appreciate your attention. Please continue to pray for my friend Zack here in Greenville. He desperately needs the Holy Spirit’s work of salvation. Pray that God will allow my last few weeks in the US to be impacting.

IMAG0617Roofing co-workers

Also, please pray that God would continue to move my web design venture forward. I plan to finish a brochure with more information to send out soon. But for now, please pray with me for the Lord’s guidance and assistance. I believe God has given me a skill set to be used in a vocation to support my primary goal of fulfilling the Great Commission in Spain. One of my goals for my stay in the US was to see whether God wanted me to focus on web design as a trade. Business has been increasing lately, and I believe He wants me to continue with this focus. I think of Paul, who was first and foremost a missionary, but he was also a tentmaker by trade when financial needs arose.  Again, I hope to send out some more information soon.

As always, thank you so much for your prayer. It is invaluable.

God bless,
Ps. 34:3