Prov. 21:1 — "The king's heart is in

Prov. 21:1 — “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord.” God worked very evidently through king Artaxerxes to pave the way for the Jews to worship again at the temple. Ezra recognized God’s sovereign hand and rejoiced in the reassurance it gave. We need to learn to notice God’s sovereignty; it is the encouragement we need to move forward. #Ezra727 #Prov211 #sovereignty #Godsplan #encouragement #Kingofkings Prov. 21:1 nos dice que el corazón del rey está en la mano de Jehová. Dios se manifestó muy claramente moviendole a Artajerjes a ayudar a los judíos. Por él pudieron volver a adorar en el templo en Jerusalén. Esdras aprendió a reconocer la mano soberana de Dios, y se regocijo en el ánimo que daba verlo. Nosotros debemos aprender a reconocer también la soberanía de Dios. Nos dará la esperanza que necesitamos para seguir caminando hacia Él.

Paul managed to maintain a clean testimony despite

Paul managed to maintain a clean testimony despite all his struggles with enemies of the Gospel. I think it’s worth noting that there was nothing that could be pinned on him. Today, sadly, many who claim to be proclaimers of the Gospel have terrible testimonies, and somehow seem to feel like they’re exempt from rules and laws. Submission to authority is a command, but it will also enable one to better preach the Gospel. #Acts258 #submission #authorities #testimony #Gospel #limitmyrights