What’s happening in the US?

I’ve now been back in America for two months. It’s amazing to me how much has happened since I got here. I’ll try to highlight a few of the things God has been doing so far. I’m of course very ready to make it back to Spain as soon as the Lord allows it, but in the meantime things have been quite busy.

Soon after I arrived, I began the application process for my visa for Spain. I’ve heard all my life about the horrors of wading through red tape in the whole visa/residency process, but I’m finally experiencing it first-hand. Things seem to be moving agonizingly slowly, but at least I’ve had indications that things are moving. I recently noticed a government department had charged my bank account for one bit of paperwork I’d sent in about 6 weeks earlier… I’m beginning to think there’s no real way of estimating a time for my return to Spain. But once the Lord is finished opening doors, I’ll be back in a heartbeat.

IMAG0161One of my goals for my time in the States was to begin saving up some money for graduate studies once I return to Spain. I don’t really expect to be making money once I’m back in Spain, so I’ve been hoping to save up some now while I have the chance. After spending a few frustrating weeks looking for consistent work, I began working for a roofing contractor. Since then I’ve been spending most of my days on top of one house or another. The first week or two of work, I think the fear of sliding off the roof tired me out more than the ~80 lb. bundles of shingles I was moving all around. Now it’s just the shingles that wear me out :). I’m enjoying the job. It’s definitely not what I expected to be doing, and it’s not earning me as much as I’d thought, but I’m very grateful for the job.

Roofing has been a full-time job, but on the side I’ve begun a small web design business as well. Growing up in the ministry in Spain, website work was one of the things I learned out of necessity, and now it’s turning into something that I think can be a very useful skill. Today I was paid for my first website, and I’m hoping to get the chance to make many more. I believe this is a great chance to improve what may become a very useful tool for future ministry in Spain.

The Lord has given me a few opportunities to work on fulfilling the Great Commission, even here in "the buckle of the Bible belt," Greenville, SC. Please pray for a Mexican man I’ve worked a few times with, as well as a man I met at a gas station looking for a ride. I’m trying to bring him to church with me. The Lord set up divine appointments with both of these men, and I’m praying the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts.

If you would, please take a minute now and then to pray for me. Pray that the Lord would give me wisdom in the many areas where mine is insufficient. Pray that the Lord would give me patience when mine runs out. And please pray that I would take every opportunity He gives me to magnify Him, whether I’m in Spain or anywhere else. God bless,

Psalm 34:3


My brothers, Fredy Watley, and I were given the opportunity to visit Faith BC in Jefferson City, TN. It was a privilege to spend time with friends there, including Pastor and Mrs. Cross.

Back to America… temporarily

Well I’m back in the United States again. I’m grateful for all the Lord allowed me to do in Spain this summer. It truly was an amazing time, and I can’t wait to be back again.

This summer I was able to spend significant time in Irun helping my grandfather Al Bonikowsky in the Irun church ministry. I grew closer to the church people there, and was very blessed during the time I was there. Preaching there every Sunday was a valuable and stretching experience. During the summer, I preached through the book of James, and finished the book my last Sunday there. The Lord taught me a lot through it all.

Now I’m here in the States again. I returned to apply for Spanish residency so I can return to Spain for a longer period. From what I understand, the paperwork I will need to go through can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months. I’ll be here as long as it takes everything to go through, then it’s back to Spain.

While I finish paperwork here in the US, I plan on working as much as the Lord allows, possibly taking on a few jobs. I will need to save money for the next few years of graduate studies, since I won’t have opportunity to work while I’m in Spain. I appreciate your prayers that the Lord would continue to provide, and I am confident that He will.

I’ve been in communication with a mission board for my return. So when I come back to Spain I’ll be there as a missionary under World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions, the mission board my parents and grandparents serve with. I’m looking forward to working with them.

SAM_3110Once back in Spain, I will be working in the Iglesia Bautista Bíblica de Irún. I will be in the Church Assistant program through Northland International University and have the opportunity to finish a master’s degree while I work at the church. I expect to take 2 years to complete my master’s degree there. I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue my studies without the drawback of losing contact with local church ministry.

Thank you as always for your prayers. It’s been exciting to see all the Lord has done in my life in the past few months. I am more burdened than ever for the people of Spain, and I really can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for my life.

God bless,

Ps. 34:3