Theology of the book of Ezra

I recently submitted this project as one of the requirement in my Old Testament Theology class at Northland. I certainly learned a ton of new information from the short book of Ezra. I must say it’s been one of my favorite projects so far.


With the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles, the nation of Israel floundered. What was once a proud nation, selected by Yahweh as His chosen people to be a light for the world, was now a scattered multitude spread across the earth, facing the threat of disappearance through genocide or assimilation. Yet a number of distributed prophecies given by Yahweh foretold a day when Israel would once again be a nation. With the rise of the prophesied Persian king Cyrus came a ray of hope for the Jews in the dispersion. Two men, Zerubbabel from the royal line of David, and Ezra the faithful scribe, became witnesses and primary characters in a sovereignly orchestrated series of events that would reestablish the Jews as a separated nation ready to be used by Yahweh for the blessing of the rest of the world.
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Some Exciting Praises

I am very excited to share with my praying friends the news that God allowed me to lead my friend Amadeo in a prayer for salvation! I’ve mentioned him in several recent letters. Amadeo had been asking increasingly pointed questions about the things he was reading and hearing from the Bible. On Tuesday, Feb. 26th, I went out to play soccer with him, but20130308 Aierdi overnighter74 we met a little early so we could get a coffee together and he could ask me some more questions. We talked about a few Bible passages he had been reading, and that led into another opportunity to explain the Gospel to him. He was very quiet as I did my best to explain what I could. After we finished, I asked him whether he knew he was going to heaven or not, and if he’d like to pray with me asking Christ to save him. He told me he would like to, but he wanted to think it through more, so could we meet the next day again?

On Wednesday he called me asking me to meet again, and he was very ready to accept Christ. He had a clear understanding but wanted to pray with me. He then bowed his head and begged God to forgive him and help him to live the rest of his life for Christ! He said amen with a huge smile and I welcomed him to the family. He then wrote in the cover of his Bible:

26/02/13 Wednesday
Today is the day of a new life for me and for my thoughts!20130227_170740

It has been exciting to see him since that day. He is growing, and wants to start discipleship lessons with me to “learn doctrine.” Thank you so much for your prayers for him. Please continue to pray now for his spiritual growth, and pray for me as we begin discipleship.

In February, missionary Roy Keiser returned to the States for a two-month furlough, and he asked me to substitute at his church plant while he was away. So for the past five weeks, I have led the services at the Iglesia Bautista del Puerto in the city of Pasaia. It has been an exciting opportunity, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the small church. I began preaching through the miracles in John, and yesterday we studied Jesus’ fifth miracle in John 6 (where He walked on the water to join His disciples). I’ve learned a lot through the responsibility of directing a service alone. One skill I’m trying to improve is leading congregational singing while simultaneously playing the piano!

859109_222239441255937_60794095_oThis past weekend I helped out with a regional youth overnight activity held at Aierdi. I brought several young people (including Amadeo) from the Irun church Friday night, and everyone enjoyed an evening of solid preaching and lots of fun late into the night. The activity went well and I trust it was a very profitable investment in the lives of about 25 young people. You can see a video summary of the retreat here.

As always, thank you so much for your prayers. It is awesome to be a part of what God is doing here in the city of Irun!

God bless,
Ps. 34:3