Recently the Lord has extended my ministry opportunities to outside my city of Irun, and I’d like to briefly share some of those opportunities with you. You can also see this update on YouTube below.

Preaching at the Easter RetreatI mentioned in my last update that I was invited to speak at an Easter weekend retreat this April. It was an exciting experience for me, and it was a privilege to be there. The Lord blessed us with a very pleasant time together celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.

In the course of these last few months, the Lord has been teaching me a great deal as I’ve studied the theme of God’s justice and its implications. This personal study has arisen in part out of the many conversations I’ve had with unsaved people who ask me some form of the question: “How can a just (or good, loving, etc…) God allow all the evil in this world?” This study evolved into the series of messages I preached at the retreat. The series was focused on understanding the justice of God in order to witness effectively. I trust the Lord was able to use it for some good. I’m thankful for all I learned as I prepared.

A few months ago I spoke with a missionary in France about another ministry. He pastors a church in Bordeaux, but had had contact with a group of men from Singapore who live south of the city. Several of these men are Christians. They all speak English, but know very little French, and they have no English-speaking church to attend in the area. The missionary holds a service in English once a month at his church which some of them attend, but he asked whether I would consider traveling north to where they live occasionally to have Bible studies with them. After getting in touch with these men, I traveled up into France to meet them for a time of fellowship. We had a Bible study together, which was a blessing to me and I trust to them as well.


We made plans to continue meeting for Bible studies once a month, and I just got back from our second Bible study together. Please pray that the Lord will use this time. There is a large community of Singaporeans in their area, and I hope to get the Gospel out to those who are not saved. Please pray also for traveling safety each month, as it is a couple hours to travel each way.

As for the ministry here in Irun, please continue to pray for unsaved friends I have had opportunities to witness to. Especially pray for the names I’ve mentioned in emails. My list of unsaved contacts keeps growing longer.

During the summer, there are always many opportunities to take the youth group out into the mountains around for special activities, and it is much easier to see the young people’s unsaved friends come to activities with us, where they hear the Gospel preached. And towards the end of the summer, our young people always attend a Christian camp down south near Madrid. It’s always exciting for everyone, and this time, several unsaved guys want to go along with our youth group. For the first time since coming back to Spain I will be going to the camp with them as a counselor, and I’m very excited about what the Lord might do during that week of camp. So please pray that throughout this summer I’d be able to lead the youth group well, always encouraging them towards more evangelism.

Thank you for your prayers, and as always, I love to hear back from you.

God bless,
Psalm 34:3


Here is a video of something I had the young people do in one of our weekly
youth meetings. After going through the plan of salvation I had them
split up into groups to “practice” witnessing to each other.

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