Travelling Safety

First of all, I want to thank the many of you who prayed for me while on my way back to South Carolina over the past 2 days. I finished the trip about an hour ago, and I’m getting ready to get some quality sleep in. Praise the Lord for His protection throughout the trip.

P1010635Over the past 8 months, the Lord has given me another place to call home. I know the friendships built while I lived in Colorado will last for eternity.



100_2059My car added another 1500 miles to the 200,000+ it already had, and I couldn’t be more happy with its performance on the trip. Here it is as I said goodbye to the mountains of Colorado.


The next few days sound like they will be very busy as I make multiple trips to and from Atlanta with my brothers. Lord willing, I will fly out Thursday, May 12, heading for Spain.

God bless,

David Bonikowsky
Ps. 34:3

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